dcrmygmdiAcademics at PALM Charter High School 2017-18

In accordance with South Carolina graduation requirements, students attending PALM will earn all credits required for a South Carolina diploma.  Students will graduate from PALM Charter High School with that name being listed on the diploma.

PALM Charter High School offers students a Blended Learning environment.  This approach is a mix of self-paced computer based learning, teacher facilitated lessons, small group work, one-on-one instruction, and project-based learning.   Students take four classes per day, three academic courses and an elective in motor sports, welding, collision technology, or graphics.

Students will receive a computer based, teacher led education in mathematics, social studies, and English.  Teachers, utilizing PLATO Learning as a curriculum supplement will be able to provide a self-paced, individualized experience matching the students’ needs for time and skills practice.  Further, PLATO Learning is accessible from home computers; certain aspects are available on mobile devices.  Science courses and other electives (e.g., physical education, foreign language, keyboarding) will be offered through enrollment in the South Carolina Virtual School and also offer an anytime, anyplace learning experience.  Students in these courses are typically assigned to a computer lab for one period per day for the semester.


PALM Academics Summary

  • Students earn a South Carolina High School Diploma
  • Students take 4 classes per day
  • Students must take courses in the motor sports/Welding/Collision Technology/Graphics department
  • We offer before and after school tutoring as needed
  • Students can access computer based resources from home
  • Students take End of Course and state tests

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